EllyG Healing Gardens About Us

Since I was very young, I was passionate about natural alternative healing using herbs and natural products. I was amazed when I found out that Allopathic medicine use the same drugs for multiple illnesses, and treatments were not personalized. Likewise, I was concerned about the side effects prescription drugs normally have.

Raisa LockhartTwenty years ago, I got sick with a serious cold. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics that made my condition worse. I started to experience shortness of breath. As I could hardly breathe, I could only sleep in a sofa. After a second course of antibiotics and almost a month of sleeping seated in a sofa, I decided to try alternative medicine. After three days of starting the alternative medicine treatment, I was finally able to go back to sleep on my bed. One week later, I was totally healed. After this experience, I began doing my own research, and I decided to study Iridology and Herbology. In addition, I took an Aromatherapy class, and I felt in love with essential oils. Since then, I have being helping my family with all type of health issues. I also use essential oils around my home to reduce the toxic load of conventional household products.

Recently, I made up my mind to study Quantum Interactive Medicine, and I discovered all the benefits of using natural essentials oils, as well as how their chemical compounds are more complex and similar to our biochemistry. Synthetic medicine compounds are smaller and not compatible with our human biology. I recently joined do Terra, and I love the quality of their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Having been approved by the FDA, some of them can be taken internally. I like the fact that they work with the vibrational life force of our cells which are responsible for the healing of not only our physical body, but our emotional body as well. Our sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, responsible for our emotional well-being which in turn controls the Hypothalamus . Overall, essential oils stimulate both centers. The ones that have high levels of sesquiterpenes increase the amount of oxygen in the limbic system and have the ability to go beyond the blood brain barrier.

We created EllyG Healing Gardens with the idea of coaching and sharing with people alternative ways of healing themselves naturally without harmful side effects while expending less and saving more. Nowadays, we have a lot of advanced technology that helps with very accurate diagnosis, less expensive while more affordable for everybody. Based on the latest research on alternative medicine specially with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, many illnesses can be treated with very good results without the harmful side effects of over -the –counter medicines.

We are committed to serve You. We strongly believe everybody can be healthy, and may be able to afford treatment for themselves and their families. Our mission is to make a healer in every home in the USA and around the World. We customize services and presentations in English and Spanish.


Raisa Lockhart
dōTERRA Independent Product Consultant